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Redcat’s five-year MBO anniversary: looking back, looking forward

Redcat’s five-year MBO anniversary: looking back, looking forward

Redcat has certainly come a long way over the past five years.

In mid-2017, four of our directors – Jeff Lamb, Lawrence Pelletier, Pepe Ochoa and Frank Tarantino – took the reins of the business under a Management Buyout (MBO) and led us into an exciting new chapter.

Hospitality has evolved significantly since then – particularly with the challenges posed globally by Covid-19 – and technology’s role in the industry is today more important than ever.

Now, as Redcat celebrates its five-year MBO anniversary, we take a moment to reflect on the half-decade that was, while looking forward at what’s to come.  '

“It has certainly been an incredible five years,” says our CEO, Jeff Lamb.

“It’s quite extraordinary to think about how much the hospitality industry has evolved with technology, and how today businesses can’t really grow or survive without it.”
“To be at the forefront of the hospitality-tech space is really rewarding, and we’re just enjoying taking our customers on the ride with us.”

The pandemic has certainly been a contributing factor to Redcat’s continuous growth and evolution, as hospitality businesses across the world were forced adapt, digitise and ‘get online’.

“When we took over management of the company five years ago, things like QR code ordering, virtual brands and integrated loyalty apps weren’t commonplace in the industry,” says Redcat founder and Chief Technology Officer, Pepe Ochoa.

“Even traditional delivery partners like Uber Eats and Deliveroo had only been operating in Australia for a couple of years, so being the first to integrate with them was quite a challenge.”

“However, today, technology is everywhere across the hospitality industry, especially for QSRs. We’re leading that charge, and proud to be doing so.”

In 2022, Redcat’s technology is used by some of the titans of the Australian hospitality scene – Grill’d, Nando’s, Boost Juice and Chatime, just to name a few.

But regardless of who we’re working with, whether they’re big or small, it has always only ever been about one thing for us – being a reliable, trusted, and respected hospitality partner.

“We’re incredibly proud of the wonderful customer base we’ve grown and are continuing to grow,” says our Customer Success Director, Frank Tarantino.

“Hospitality is always evolving, and our customers need us to stay up to date with the latest trends, products and tools out there.

“That’s what we do at Redcat, and we love doing it. We’re here for a simple reason – to help our customers to be the best businesses they can be.”

As we reflect on the past five years, we also look forward to the next five.

“We’ve only just gotten started’s a big world!” says our Sales and Marketing Director, Lawrence Pelletier.

“If you think we might be able to help your hospitality business, please get in touch. We’d love to learn more about your challenges and goals and share how we might work together.”


To learn more about us here at Redcat, please visit

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