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Point of sale (POS)

Reliable and easy-to-use POS for a fast, efficient, and accurate front-of-house


Update your Polygon POS

Seamless interaction at your fingertips

15.6" touch display with FHD 1920x1080 resolution

Intuitive and effortless control for operations

Enhances order accuracy and expedites customer service

Streamlines workflows and evolutionists POS engagement


Hassle-free maintenance and serviceability

Convenient rear SSD service door

Easy maintenance and storage replacement

Streamlines maintenance process

Minimises downtime and ensures smooth operations


Exceptional functionality for any business environment


Modular design adaptable to various POS solutions

Foldable counter POS solution

Retractable wall-mounted POS solution

Pole-mounted and wall-mounted touch POS solutions

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Unleash power and versatility


Intel® Elkhart Lake processor for cutting-edge performance

Flawless compatibility with Windows 10

Ultimate processing power and exceptional multitasking

Effortless integration across multiple operating systems


Redcat POS in detail

Redcat POS is reliable and easy to use, whether a POS terminal or tablet. It includes functions for the specifics of running a café, bar, restaurant or franchise business, from a single site to a nationwide multi-site operation, and is customisable to your exact requirements. 

Redcat POS’ central management enables fast, efficient service at the front of house, with full reporting at the back office. It can be run locally or in the cloud, with built-in redundancy for reliability.   

Redcat POS is a reliable and easy to use point of sale system which contains all the functionality required to provide fast, efficient and accurate service operation at the front-of-house, and full management control at the back-of-house.

  • Intuitive design, fast, efficient and very user-friendly

  • Easily customised

  • Powerful back office reporting

  • Flexibility of either Cloud or locally installed back of house software

  • Comprehensive security tracking

  • Reliable, never be without POS with Redcat’s built in redundancy

  • Seamless integration into other Redcat software such as our industry leading loyalty solution

  • Quick look up, quickly find a recipe or allergy information

  • Integrated EFTPOS

  • Sales recording from fixed touchscreen terminals

  • Sales recording from handheld tablets for roaming staff

  • Easy and effective display of unlimited sales items on the POS keypad

  • Wide range of special functions including:

    • Automatic or multiple price levels

    • Discounts and surcharges

    • Client accounts

    • Management accounts to record staff meals, complimentary items, wastage – items that impact stock levels but for which there will be no revenue

    • ‘Another round’ repeat order feature 

  • Comprehensive sales mix analysis, sales history and GST (Australia and New Zealand) and VAT (UK) reporting

  • Diverse range of sales and administrative reports which can be exported, saved as PDF or emailed

  • Quick service ordering 

  • Integrated loyalty and gift cards


Restaurant and Cafe features

  • Sales recording against table and staff member - full table and waiter tracking

  • Graphical floorplans can be modified in real time and integrated with booking and reservation systems

  • Inclusion of additional instructions with orders for food and beverages

  • Countdown of specials as they are ordered

  • Printing of orders in the kitchen, bar and other locations

  • Easy transfer of charges from screen tables

  • Merge of charges from two different tables

  • Splitting of a table account into separate accounts for each diner

  • Full inventory management

Franchise and Quick Service features 

  • Single screen, dual screen and handheld POS tablet

  • Layout of sales items and instructions on POS keypad designed for fast and efficient customer service

  • Weigh scale interface

  • Integrated EFTPOS

  • Fast finaliser screen - minimises the number of screens and keystrokes to finalise sale

  • Customer name recorded and printed on production dockets

  • Address and Delivery instructions can be included on orders and delivery dockets

  • Orders taken can be printed locally or directly to production area

  • Orders can be tracked and displayed on a production monitor that:

    • Displays 8 orders simultaneously

    • Recalls the past 64 orders

    • User defined colour for each order, depending on time in the system

    • Plays a sound when order comes in

    • Records time to finalise each order 

  • Key performance indicator and productivity reporting

  • Cloud-based multi-site capability

  • Integrations with 3rd party solution providers

  • Ensures every franchise’s transactions are recorded

  • Standard enterprise dashboarding

Enterprise and multi-location features

  • Each location can have its own unique hardware configuration

  • System settings, features and modules can be independently setup for each location

  • Each location can have independent client and management accounts, staff members, PLUs and keypads

  • Updates to the POS system and retrieval of all sales data of one location at a time, a group of locations or enterprise  

Fully Integrated Add-On Options

  • Polygon Accounting - fully integrated accounting and financial management

  • Polygon Payroll - use the standard clock on/off function at the POS terminal to log staff shifts and transmit this data automatically to Payroll

  • Polygon Inventory - comprehensive stock control module

  • Polygon Payments - integrated EFTPOS module

  • Polygon Loyalty – totally integrated loyalty solution  

  • Selected Membership and Management Systems

  • Polygon Reports - web-based and real-time reporting system


POS Reporting Dashboard

EDIT reporting

Paperless kitchen

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EDIT kiosks


EDIT integrations


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