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Low-Cost Delivery & Ordering Food Through Google

What's included:

  • Delivery - We'll arrange a driver to pick-up your food*

  • Ordering Food through Google - Your live menu published on Google

  • Online Ordering - Via your website

  • No need for new hardware - Simply runs in your browser


Not ready to change your POS, but still want these Delivery options? Check out Stellar!

Stellar is a delivery and online ordering platform that's all done via a browser - no special hardware required.

Features Benefits
Integrated Delivery powered by DoorDash Drive and Uber Direct
3rd party drivers supplied automatically*
Redcat Online Ordering Website
Revenue Generation. Customise and manage your own menu on both Google & Redcat
Ordering Food through Google
Expose your live menu on Google
DIY Delivery option
Use your own drivers
Daily Sales Reporting
Keep on top of daily trade and trends
Configurable displays incoming order alerts
Adapt to your way of working
Order Management
View current, pending and past ordering easily

Better margins

  • Low fixed price delivery

  • Minimal ordering fee

  • No hardware costs

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stellar margin

Integrated delivery

  • 3rd party Delivery

  • Deliver Your Own

  • Fixed price delivery

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Ordering Food through Google

  • Get found on Google Search and Google Maps

  • Your menu and pricing is integrated into Google

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Online Ordering

  • Your own online ordering website

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Order Management

  • Stellar can be displayed on any device with an internet connection and a contemporary web browser

  • Each card contains all the info required to manage, produce and deliver the order

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We highly recommend Stellar from Redcat, it was so easy to setup, got us online very quickly and trading with new and existing customers. There was no need to change hardware, just login with any computer. We are very happy with results, with 250% increase in take away orders since the restrictions. The team at Redcat were so prompt and helpful. Thanks, Redcat.
Clifford Poon
Sun Wah Restaurant Manager

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