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Secure cloud-hosted data access

Flexibility, low cost, low risk, the ability to take advantage of new functionality faster.

Cloud Hosted

Redcat's Cloud Hosting gives you greater flexibility, lower cost, lower risk, the ability to take advantage of new functionality faster and ultimately, with more time to focus on your business and your customers.

Access to secure data, anywhere, anytime

  • Being able to access the BOH (Back of House/Back Office) from any Mac/PC/Laptop. Without Redcat Cloud hosting, a locally installed BOH is only accessible from the one laptop/PC (no Macs)

  • BOH is always backed up and secure – If its locally installed and that laptop/PC dies for whatever reason that data goes with it. Being on the Cloud means that it's always backed up and secure. If you get a new Mac/laptop/PC it’s very easy to install access to the cloud

  • Being on the Cloud means it's accessible from Apple Mac computers

  • More reliable, with 99.99% uptime, hosted by Amazon (AWS)

  • Scales and grows with your business and no need to upgrade servers

cloud host 1

Always up to date and supported

  • Software is always on the latest version – there are many enhancements that come out on a regular basis. Being on the cloud means that the BOH is always on the latest version

  • Cost saving – it’s much cheaper than providing your own infrastructure 

  • The infrastructure is maintained and supported

  • Being on the Redcat Cloud will give you access to many other Redcat options – Polygon Central with Web Reporting and Real Time Transactions, Online Ordering, Loyalty, Delivery Partner integrations (Uber Eats, Google food ordering, Deliveroo, DoorDash, and Menulog), and white label delivery (DoorDash Drive)

  • Access to 2 x free integrations which include – MYOB/Xero, TANDA, Deputy and many others (setup cost not included)

cloud host 2


POS Reporting Dashboard


POS Management & Hardware

pos mgmt




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