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Fully integrated inventory management

Good inventory management is based on the idea that you cannot control what you cannot see. Because they have limited visibility of their inventory, their ordering, and their recipe management, many hospitality locations experience loss and wastage of which they are not even aware. They might be keeping too much inventory on hand, running the risk of spoilage and waste, or they might have the opposite problem and run out of important supplies during peak periods. They might not be conscious of which products sell poorly, which make the most money, or which recipes have the best cost-benefit ratio.


  • Automatic Calculation of Inventory Levels and Values - Individual unit and recipe items sold are included in the Z-Read figure and once committed, automatically reduce the inventory balance. 

  • Perpetual Inventory Control - Maintains a record of inventory levels of individual inventory items which can be reviewed at any time. 

  • Modified Perpetual Inventory Control - Allows users to identify at any given time what quantities of inventory should be on hand without the effort involved in full perpetual inventory control. 

  • Stocktake - Facilitates the recording of inventory levels which makes the entire process quick, easy and accurate.

  • Automatic Purchase Order Generation - Provides reporting to identify when a stock item reaches its PAR level. 

  • Recipe Creation and Costing - Record new, existing and batch recipes including any instructional notes. 

  • Function Costing - Quickly and accurately cost and quote functions. 

  • Multi-Departmental Operation - Each POS terminal can be assigned to separate departments for accurate stock balances and P+L reporting from a multi-departmental stock holding. 

Inventory integration partners

Our extensive dataset enables us to integrate effectively out into our Inventory partners:

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