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2 min read

Tips for tipping – the new UK legislation on tips & lessons for Aussie operators

Tipping has long been a bone of contention in the UK hospitality industry – with staff unhappy at the way that tips are...

2 min read

The 4 ways that restaurants are benefiting from payment innovation

The birth of open banking

The last few years have seen a seismic change in the payments landscape. Gone are the days...

3 min read

The rise of AI and how it can help hospitality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) burst into the social consciousness with a bang in late 2022. The technology, which has...

3 min read

Drive-thru innovation: how tech is transforming traditional drive-thru

We love our drive-thrus

Drive-thru restaurants have been around for a long time – especially in car-loving nations like...

3 min read

The paperless kitchen – how a KMS can streamline operations & enhance CX

Your kitchen is the nerve centre of your hospitality business. No hospitality business can operate without a kitchen to...

3 min read

The pain of a fractured tech stack – and how a platform approach will mend the break

A juggling act

As any hospitality business owner or operator will tell you, running a hospitality business is a real...

3 min read

The rewards of giving – how your loyalty program can benefit you, your customers and the community

Loyalty – essential to QSR and fast casuals

For QSRs and fast casuals, loyalty programs are a must-have. They are...

3 min read

Redcat launches its hospitality platform in the UK

On 7th Feb 2023, the Aussies opened the batting at Lords Cricket Ground. But this wasn’t the Ashes, and for once, both...

3 min read

7 ways that tech helps hospitality with rising costs & staff shortages

As the pandemic restrictions lifted, hospitality businesses gave a collective sigh of relief. But that relief was...

3 min read

The hospo top 10 – the trends that will shape 2023 for the hospitality sector

As we approach a new year, thoughts naturally turn to what lies ahead. Hospitality businesses move into 2023 with some...

3 min read

Me, Me, Me – how first party data helps QSRs to deliver personalised loyalty

QSR operators know that their customers want loyalty programs. More than that – they demand it. But not just the run of...

2 min read

Goal psychology in loyalty programs

Loyalty programs can be incredibly beneficial to a business.

They help improve customer retention and add significant...

2 min read

How Deputy and Redcat are taking the guesswork out of rostering

The old ‘pen and paper’ days of hospitality rostering are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Today, technology is...

2 min read

Redcat’s five-year MBO anniversary: looking back, looking forward

Redcat has certainly come a long way over the past five years.

In mid-2017, four of our directors – Jeff Lamb, Lawrence...

2 min read

Technology the key to solving WA’s hospitality staffing crisis

Published The West Australian=

The impacts of COVID-19 have been challenging for many industries, and perhaps none more...

5 min read

Restaurants look to virtual brands for another bite at the cherry

Published Good Food

In a post-pandemic, short-staffed world, where on-demand is the expectation, more restaurants are...

2 min read

New study from Redcat and Impact Data finds customer marketing sweet spot

Published B&T

A new study from digital marketing platform Impact Data has found that sending between seven and nine...

1 min read


Published in Convenience World and Franchise Business Executive

Bubble tea giant Chatime Australia continues to flex...

3 min read

How to implement an effective and personalised loyalty program

Published in IT Brief

There’s no doubt about it – incorporating a robust customer loyalty program in almost any...

3 min read

Integrating systems with a trusted partner reaps benefits

Working with a trusted partner is key to effective integration, development, and support.

With Fast Casuals and QSRs...

3 min read

Fast forward - the top 10 key QSR trends to watch in 2022

As the world and its restaurants are re-opening, the QSR industry can turn its back on the rollercoaster that was the...

2 min read

Listen and learn - three ways to use feedback to improve customer experience

Customer experience has always been a key goal if you’re a hospitality business, but over the last 18 months, it just...

3 min read

Surviving tough times

How hospitality businesses are using technology to ease the pressures of lockdown

As a hospitality business owner or...

2 min read

Thinking outside the Box

Concept Eight and Redcat partner to streamline operations with a single management portal for virtual and physical...

3 min read

Top 10 Hospitality Tech Trends for 2021

Most people, especially in the hospitality sector, were very glad to say goodbye to 2020. A tough and challenging year...

4 min read

How can Virtual Brands and Dark Kitchens help Hospitality Franchise businesses?

We explore how virtual brands and dark kitchens are benefitting franchise hospitality businesses.

Imagine running a...

3 min read

Virtual brands - a passing phase or a long-term hospitality industry shift?

We explore the 12 ways that virtual brands are benefitting hospitality businesses.

Virtual brands seem to be flavour of...

3 min read

The rise of the dark kitchen and virtual brands, and what it means for restaurant operators.

Time for dinner - and Australians around the country open up a food ordering app, scroll their favourite cuisines and...


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