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Case Studies



4 min read

9 great reasons to choose Redcat

When you’re selecting a new hospitality IT platform, it can be hard to unravel all the information and cut through the...
3 min read

Protecting Brand & Customer Data: Security Workshop Summary

A summary of Redcat’s recent Data Security event, with guest speakers Darren Hopkins and Amir Ansari. One of the...
1 min read

Digital Stamp Cards & QR Codes on Receipts

Digital Stamp Cards Digital Stamp Cards provide a modern and secure method for enhancing customer loyalty and...
1 min read

UK Fast Casual & QSR Chains: Why Omni-Channel Solutions Matter

The UK's fast-casual and QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) market is booming. Customers crave convenience and crave value,...
3 min read

Phygital in QSR: What it is and how restaurants can benefit from it

‘Phygital’ is a word that you are probably seeing more and more frequently. It’s a blended word, from ‘physical’ and...
3 min read

Protecting your brand reputation through data security

Great brands each have their own personality and strengths, but one thing they all have in common is that they are...

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