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Case Studies



2 min read

Tips for tipping – the new UK legislation on tips & lessons for Aussie operators

Tipping has long been a bone of contention in the UK hospitality industry – with staff unhappy at the way that tips are...

2 min read

The 4 ways that restaurants are benefiting from payment innovation

The birth of open banking

The last few years have seen a seismic change in the payments landscape. Gone are the days...

3 min read

The rise of AI and how it can help hospitality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) burst into the social consciousness with a bang in late 2022. The technology, which has...

3 min read

Drive-thru innovation: how tech is transforming traditional drive-thru

We love our drive-thrus

Drive-thru restaurants have been around for a long time – especially in car-loving nations like...

3 min read

The paperless kitchen – how a KMS can streamline operations & enhance CX

Your kitchen is the nerve centre of your hospitality business. No hospitality business can operate without a kitchen to...

3 min read

The pain of a fractured tech stack – and how a platform approach will mend the break

A juggling act

As any hospitality business owner or operator will tell you, running a hospitality business is a real...


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