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Case Studies



3 min read

Protecting your brand reputation through data security

Great brands each have their own personality and strengths, but one thing they all have in common is that they are...
1 min read

Inventory integration partners

We know that managing inventory in a restaurant can be a challenging and tedious task, particularly when trying to...
1 min read

Apple, Google Pay + Digital Wallets

Easy online order payment using Apple & Google Pay Experience the convenience of streamlined online order payments with...
2 min read

Redcat has your delivery needs covered!

The Redcat team is consistently releasing and updating delivery solutions to suit the requirements of the ever-evolving...
1 min read

Omni-channel Loyalty

What does a fractured loyalty system look like? You might see your fractured loyalty show up in one of the following...
2 min read

Gong cha England  technology investment to drive UK growth

Press Release Gong cha England and Redcat have announced that the fast-growing bubble tea chain will use Redcat's...

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