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Loyalty Programs, Cards & Coupons


Customer Loyalty Apps, Cards & Coupons

Offer your customers coupons, discounts and the convenience of online ordering

Increase Customers sales

Realtime Data

Your Branded App on the App Stores

Fully integrated into your POS network

Omni-channel Loyalty across all customer touchpoints



Digital Wallet Loyalty and Gift Cards

Compliment your Loyalty and Gift card offering by enabling customers to load your loyalty and gift cards to their Apple and Google Wallets.

Key Benefits

  • Quick access to their loyalty card

  • Improve loyalty sign-ups with less friction 

  • Customers will receive automatic proximity notifications when they are close to your store

  • Easy way to replace physical cards

  • Having your loyalty card in your customer's digital wallet will increase Loyalty App downloads to get the full benefits of your loyalty program

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Enhance customer experience

Reward your loyal customers with:

  • Points-based loyalty system

  • Accessed via a loyalty card or via your branded loyalty app

  • Users can check and spend points

  • Locate stores and update their details

customer experience

Easy to manage loyalty at their finger tips

  • Track member details such as loyalty points accrued, loyalty points redeemed, purchasing history and contact information

  • Supports marketing promotions and identify buying trends 

  • Issue customers with a loyalty card or direct them to the Apple or Google Play App stores to download your uniquely branded loyalty mobile App 

  • Members can load their loyalty cards with cash and use it to purchase goods 

  • Manage the amount of points credited for each eligible purchase, the amount of points required to redeem items and introduce bonus points, as required. 

  • Members can be grouped to allow for marketing schemes that target groups or clubs, or to reflect different member status.

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Fully integrated with the Redcat platform

  • Fully integrated with your POS network to facilitate powerful reporting and analysis of customer trends

  • The card or the App may be used at any POS terminal to accumulate points and to redeem points for goods once the customer has registered their details 

  • When a member is identified at any site, they are immediately recognised by the system and their points total is incremented if they make an eligible purchase and reduced if they redeem points 

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LATEST LOYALTY portal updates



View Offers & Coupons

The Loyalty Portal now includes a View Coupons section, where customers can easily access all the latest promotions and deals available for them from both web and app.

Loyalty portal - gift card purchase


Guest gift card purchases & digital wallet support

Non-members (Guest users) can now purchase their loved ones’ gift cards, check the card's balance, and top it up quickly and easily. Sign-in members can also purchase gift cards with an updated flow, which removes the hassle of entering all their personal details. Purchase a gift card and add it to their digital wallet, all in one place.


Loyalty portal - favourite orders




Favourite Orders

We've also introduced a Favourite Orders feature, allowing customers to view a list of all their previous favourite orders. Once an item is added to the favourite order list, it can be reordered at any time with just a few clicks. Removing an order from the favourites list is easy by clicking on the heart button next to the order.
Loyalty portal - past orders


Past Orders

The Past Orders section lets customers view a list of their previous online orders. Past Orders can be filtered if desired, making the task of finding specific orders quick. The Past Orders can be filtered by sale type and/or date, and using the Reorder button will add items to the current ordering cart. Users can now even view the price per item and points awarded for each order.

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