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Order now and pay later via QR code

Keep your customer's table tab open to encourage more orders and settle later.

Open Tabs - order now, pay later

Place orders in-store or offsite (via online ordering) and complete the order without processing payment at the time.

Great customer experience

  • Order @ Table - leave the tab open to Order now and re-order, and pay later when it's time to settle the bill.

  • Place a Pick-Up order and pay when they collect from the store.

  • Order for Delivery and pay your driver when the order is delivered.

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Easily customised

The Open Tab Payment Label for each Sale/Order Type can be customised:

  • Order to Table could be ‘Pay at Counter’

  • Pick Up could be ‘Pay on Collection’

  • Delivery could be ‘Pay on Delivery’

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Mobile apps

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