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Control Console for Online Ordering

Automatically stop online orders

Control your Online Ordering with automated rules


The Control Console allows the user to change the status of a store for online ordering by the creation of Order Stop Rules.

The rules can enact a store status change from online to offline not only for native ordering (specifying individual sale types if desired) but also third-party providers including Google Food Ordering, Uber Eats, DoorDash and Menulog, thus providing users with a single point of control.

Rules to disable online ordering may be programmed:

  • To effect one or more Ordering Providers,

  • To effect one or more Store Locations,

  • With a start date and time,

  • With an optional end date and time,

  • With a reason to indicate why the rule has been implemented.

If an Order Stop Rule has been programmed with an end date and time, an automated job will be scheduled the revert the status of the store at the relevant time. If an end date and time is not included in the rule, the store status will remain offline until the rule is manually deactivated.

The Control Console can be accessed from within Polygon Central, or for staff in store from within both Polygon and Legacy POS.

If you are utilising the Regional Managers functionality within Admin Users, an email will be sent to the relevant Regional Manager when an Order Stop Rule is created, activated and deactivated.


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