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Delivery Optimiser & Provider Rules

Automatically chose a delivery provider

Delivery Provider Rules

Delivery Provider Rules are used to determine which white label delivery provider will be utilised for fulfilment of online orders.

Delivery providers are ranked, and if the first ranked provider cannot fulfill at any given time, an estimate will then be requested from the next ranked provider.

The rules can be applied by:

  • State, or
  • Store

A date range can also be specified (handy if a provider is having a ‘free delivery’ promotion).


Redcat Delivery Optimiser

In addition, the Redcat Delivery Optimiser can be enabled, which allows further enhancement of the rule treatment to query the delivery providers and allocate to the provider based on the best application of timing.

Delivery optimiser RDO v2

Key Benefits

  • Use multiple white-label delivery providers

  • Selects the best delivery partner based on your business criteria eg. cost, driver arrival time

  • Failover from one partner to another


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