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Delivery Partner Integration

With direct integration, your business will have better efficiency, accuracy, and improved customer service.

Uber Eats C Google C Doordash C Menulog C

Improve customer service

Reduce labour costs

Remove errors

Eliminate reconciliation

Why Delivery Partner Integration

Delivery services often lead to reconciliation issues, climbing labour costs, and increased errors for your restaurant, café, or QSR venue. These problems inevitably have an impact on customer satisfaction, which can hurt your reputation and bottom line.

Delivery Partner Integration involves adding these delivery providers directly into your Redcat Polygon Point of Sale system. With customer orders automatically added to your POS, problems like order errors and reconciliation issues will be a thing of the past!

Delivery Partner Integration gives your employees the freedom to perform more valuable tasks rather than transferring orders from one system to another. With full integration, menu updates on your POS will also automatically update on delivery apps, saving time and creating a consistent, accurate customer experience.

How it works



Benefits of the integration


Customer focused service

Instead of the employee focusing on the orders from the tablet, the employee focuses on the customer.

No more missed modifiers

Restaurants are reporting that the most common errors they see are around Modifiers. A missed Modifier (say 'no butter') creates an unhappy customer located a few kilometres away - a difficult problem to fix. Redcat's integration ensures modifiers are carried through from the order.

Labour savings

Removing the task of re-typing the order from an Aggregator tablet allows either a reduced roster, or the release of employees to perform more valuable tasks.

Menu Integration

Redcat's API integration enables management of pricing, images, and descriptions within the Redcat Back Office! When a PLU is updated within Redcat, it automatically updates within the Delivery Partner's app, across all of your sites. An amazing time saver. Available with Uber Eats, Google, DoorDash, coming soon for Deliveroo and Menulog.

No more mis-typed order numbers

Mis-typed order numbers make matching the order to the driver problematic, creating a bottleneck when distributing orders. Redcat's integration automates the passing of auto numbers, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. 


Reconciling orders across the Aggregators is time consuming, especially when things don't balance. Redcat's integration means that reconciliation is automatically incorporated into your standard reporting, saving significant time across your locations. 

Happy Customers

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Uber Eats C Google C Doordash C Menulog C

Uber Eats

Do you have problems with Uber Eats drivers quoting the wrong order number? Delivery Partner Integration automates the passing on of order numbers and eliminates this bottleneck in your workflow.



Do you need dedicated staff members to copy Deliveroo orders from a tablet into your POS system? With Delivery Partner Integration, this is a thing of the past. Enjoy increased productivity and labour cost savings.



Is the menu you offer through Google inconsistent with your in-store offerings? You no longer need manually update your menu. Your integrated POS takes care of this for you.



Do your staff often miss order modifiers (such as ‘no tomato’) when inputting DoorDash orders into your system? When DoorDash is integrated with your POS, any modifiers mentioned in the order will carry over to your Point of Sale and Kitchen Management systems.



Do you feel like your Menulog partnership is leading to more revenue but decreased customer satisfaction? With a fully-integrated delivery partner, you can bring the focus back to customer service, resulting in increased efficiency, accuracy, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

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