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9 great reasons to choose Redcat

9 great reasons to choose Redcat

When you’re selecting a new hospitality IT platform, it can be hard to unravel all the information and cut through the jargon to make a decision. What is really important and what isn’t? How will your choice of software make life easier, not harder? How will a new platform enhance your business and add long-term value?

A clear-cut decision

We’ve simplified the decision making for you, with the top nine reasons that hospitality businesses choose Redcat. Our aim is to help you through the mass of information and cut to the chase – with clear, plain-spoken, jargon-free information about why Redcat is the BEST choice for your business.

Functionality is essential. You need a platform that will deliver what you need now, allow you to grow your business and delight your customers – as well as one that will stand you in good stead for future requirements too.

Strong functionality needs to be backed up by great support – installation, training and support are a big part of the decision-making process too, and in this list you’ll find all the things our clients love about Redcat installation and support.

So, read on for the nine ways that Redcat will deliver the BEST hospitality IT platform for your business:

  1. Mending the fractured tech stack

The biggest bugbear for growing hospitality businesses is the fractured tech stack. The fractured tech stack tends to occur as a business grows. When it started, the business selected different software products for different functions (such as POS, loyalty, promotions, kitchen management). The products didn’t talk to each other smoothly, but as a small operation, the business could manage their way round it. Fast forward to a much larger operation and that fractured tech stack is causing a lot of pain – in the form of time, effort and missed opportunity. So the number one reason to choose Redcat is that we offer an integrated tech stack, where every element is integrated to work seamlessly together. Redcat provides all core functionality, and where required we take responsibility for the integrations. The Redcat platform is centrally connected to all data points, so data flows from end-to-end and is easily accessed for reporting. Our integrated tech stack saves resources and opens up new opportunities for innovation and growth.

  1. One size doesn’t fit all

You may have tried ‘one size fits all’ software in the past – if so, you’ll know that it doesn’t live up to its promise. The reality is more ‘one size fits no-one’. Every hospitality business is different – yours, like all others, has its own unique way of operating, and you need the software to fit your business, rather than struggling to get your business to adapt to your software.

At Redcat, we understand that all businesses have unique aspects, so we don't take a cookie cutter approach. We set up the menus and databases to suit your hospitality business, and your unique setup, so you don’t have to contort any of your systems and processes.

  1. Your software, your way

What happens if you have a requirement for functionality that’s not already in the Redcat integrated platform? Hospitality operation is constantly evolving and you may find that you need something that we haven’t yet included.

With many software vendors, that would be an issue. It’s ‘our way or no way’. Either that or new functionality takes an age and involves jumping through lots of hoops. Not at Redcat. We develop our software in-house, and we’re ready, willing and able to create a software feature to meet your requirements. We have a team of developers who will work to understand your specific needs and build the functionality to meet them. And if there’s an integration required, we’ll work with your team to get you up and running. Fast, simple, and hassle-free.

  1. All for one and one for all

If one customer asks for new functionality to be built into the software, the new features become part of the general roadmap and are available to all users. There’s just one version of the software – with no branching. This maximises performance and ensures that if one client has a requirement, all customers get to benefit.

  1. Out-of-the-box ready

Redcat is not one of those software providers that signs you up and disappears, leaving you to fend for yourself. Your staff don’t need to self-configure – we pre-stage the software and configure it for your chosen hardware. The system is ready to go, straight out of the box, saving you time and reducing errors.

  1. Out of hours installation

We understand that you can’t afford downtime, and that you’re not a 9-5 business. So we fit installation around you. Our experienced Redcat technicians will install and test your system in non-business hours, checking that it’s all up and running and ready for when you re-open, with no impact to your business.

  1. Tailored training

Yes, our software is easy to use, but no, we don’t expect you to just get on with it without support. We’ll provide staff training, based on your customised Redcat solution – including specific training on your database and menu structure – so that you can hit the ground running and start operating with Redcat immediately, with no ‘ramp up’ time.

  1. Always there – 24/7

There will be times when you have questions, issues or queries. And it’s always urgent. So why is it that some software providers only offer email support, or a 9-5 help desk, or make you wait for a call back before resolving the issue? We don’t know the answer to that – but we do know that it’s frustrating for you and your customers. So we offer 24/7 support, over the phone, where you get to speak to a person who will help you resolve your issue, there and then, whatever the time of day or night. Getting you back to serving customers sooner.

  1. Redcat hospitality community and eco-system

Getting the most out of a hospitality IT platform is not only about the functionality and support of the software. It’s about community. When you join the family, you become part of our ecosystem – a community of shared expertise and experience. At Redcat, we facilitate our clients talking to one another, asking questions and sharing their knowledge. We enable them to connect with our premium integration partners too. Our clients love being part of the Redcat community and sharing and learning by being connected with others who are in the same industry. Our clients tell us that the community, and the connection it creates is one of the biggest bonuses of choosing the Redcat platform.

Think Redcat could be just what you need? Book a chat with our Hospitality IT platform experts.

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