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Redcat has your delivery needs covered!

Redcat has your delivery needs covered!

The Redcat team is consistently releasing and updating delivery solutions to suit the requirements of the ever-evolving hospitality industry. 

Delivery Provider Rules & Delivery Optimiser

Delivery Provider Rules are used to determine which white label delivery provider will be utilised for fulfilment of online orders. Delivery providers are ranked, and if the first ranked provider cannot fulfil at any given time, an estimate will then be requested from the next ranked provider.

Key benefits:

  • Use multiple white-label delivery providers
  • Selects the best delivery partner based on your business criteria e.g. cost, driver arrival time
  • Failover from one partner to another

Redcat Delivery Optimiser (RDO)



Automatically stop online orders through Control Console

The Control Console allows the user to change the status of a store for online ordering by the creation of Order Stop Rules.

The rules can enact a store status change from online to offline not only for native ordering (specifying individual sale types if desired) but also third-party providers including Google Food Ordering, Uber Eats, DoorDash and Menulog, thus providing users with a single point of control.

Rules to disable online ordering may be programmed:

  • To affect one or more Ordering Providers,
  • To affect one or more Store Locations, 
  • With a start date and time, 
  • With an optional end date and time,
  • With a reason to indicate why the rule has been implemented

offline vs online



Reduce disruptions from delivery drivers with Delivery Driver Manager

Are you experiencing?

  • Drivers waiting in your serving area
  • Kitchen staff being interrupted for order updates
  • Driver chaos causing longer delivery times
  • Handing orders to the wrong drivers

Delivery Driver Manager allows you to configure display screens which will list online orders (or orders received via API) according to the current 'order status'.

Orders entered at POS of the relevant sale type can also be listed on Order Status Screens.

Ideal for letting those who have placed orders externally or third-party delivery drivers determine if their order is ready when they arrive at the restaurant. 

Display the QR code on your window or door, so the delivery drivers can wait

Delivery driver - Order status QR mobile-1

Key Benefits:

  • Display wait times for delivery drivers
  • Driver self-check on mobile via QR code
  • Automated with Kitchen Management
  • Configurable display


White label - flat fee food delivery

Redcat Delivery is a fixed-cost delivery solution that is integrated with DoorDash Drive and Uber Direct, to provide a seamless delivery service for orders through Redcat's Online Ordering, Mobile Apps and Order with Google.

Key Benefits:

Redcat white label delivery video thumb


Create your own delivery borders to apply different delivery fees with Geo Shapes

Geo Shapes allow you to move beyond traditional radius or postcode boundaries for deliveries, by drawing your customer shape within Redcat Polygon Central.

Consideration can then be given to geographical, topographical, or structural features when determining the delivery areas that will best maintain the standard of delivered food.

A location may have multiple Geo Shapes applied where each is assigned a priority ranking and applicable delivery fee.

Geo Shapes v2



Direct integration with delivery aggregators

Delivery aggregators are integrated directly into your Redcat Point of Sale system, with no need for third-parties to connect your delivery aggregators to your POS. 

The full integration will send delivery orders automatically to your POS and your kitchen for production.

Any menu updates will automatically be updated at the POS and the delivery apps, saving time and creating a consistent, accurate customer experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Better customer experience - focus on customers and not a tablet
  • Menu integration saves time and reduces errors
  • Delivery orders got straight into the POS, reducing errors, saving labour, and eliminating reconciliation



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