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Apple, Google Pay + Digital Wallets

Apple, Google Pay + Digital Wallets

Easy online order payment using Apple & Google Pay

Experience the convenience of streamlined online order payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay. Customers can now easily complete transactions for pick-up and delivery orders, as well as QR code orders, eliminating the need to type in lengthy payment details. This not only accelerates the checkout process but also enhances customer satisfaction through the security and user-friendly nature of Apple and Google Pay. The seamless payment experience remains consistent, whether customers are placing orders through the app or using a web browser, fostering increased retention and loyalty.

Add your Loyalty and Gift Cards to the Digital Wallet

Elevate your Loyalty and Gift card program by enabling customers to conveniently store them in their Apple or Google Wallets. This enhancement offers users swift access to loyalty cards, real-time tracking of balances, and seamless redemption of gift cards. Additionally, this integration provides an effortless solution for replacing physical gift cards, enhancing customer convenience and engagement with your loyalty and gifting offerings.

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Digital Stamp Card

Enhance customer loyalty and engagement with the adoption of digital stamp cards, a superior alternative to traditional paper cards due to heightened security and reduced risk of loss or damage. These digital stamp cards can be effortlessly stored in Apple or Google Wallets for convenient access and seamlessly linked to your Loyalty App. 

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By implementing this innovative approach, businesses can enjoy increased customer loyalty and retention as patrons are more inclined to revisit establishments that reward them. Furthermore, the integration allows for valuable data collection, enabling tailored marketing campaigns, promotions, and menu offerings. The mobile-centric system ensures a convenient and seamless experience for customers who can easily collect and redeem rewards, eliminating the need for physical cards. Additionally, the heightened security of digital stamp cards makes them more resistant to fraudulent activities compared to their physical counterparts.