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The last thing you need is to manually enter financial, inventory, and revenue data on top of a busy day operating your hospitality company. It takes much time and is susceptible to human mistakes, which spreads throughout the entire system and can be difficult to identify and fix. 

Your finance, inventory, income, and POS systems are all completely integrated with Polygon's accounting system, which eliminates all the hassle of extra data entry and the risks involved in double handling. It frees up your time to focus on clients and business strategy, the things that will help your company grow, and it gives you the confidence that a "single version of the truth" is shared between all systems.



  • General Ledger - Full double entry accounting system

  • Multi-Department - Supports more than one department or cost centre at each location, so you can manage and report by department on; financial transactions, revenue, costs, expenses, and inventory

  • Multi-Location - Reports may be consolidated, or generated by location/group of locations

  • Time Sheets - Quick system setup and maintenance of cheque, savings, credit card and loan accounts

  • Debtors and Creditors - Complete control over debtors and credits with reporting of full transaction and forecast payments/receipts to assist with cashflow management

  • Comprehensive Financial Reporting - Over 40 standard reports available, including; Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Trial Balance, Cost of Sales, Cash Flow Analysis and Debtor and Creditor Statements

  • Security - Access to system functionality and tightly controlled data


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