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Are you suffering from a hospitality FRACTURED TECH STACK?

Symptoms of a Fractured Tech Stack can be:

  • Loyalty – your loyalty system doesn’t play nicely with your POS, kiosks, click & collect, QR ordering, payment apps, ordering apps, and delivery partners.
  • Integrations – you may have some integrations, but they’re shallow, and don’t cover all data points.
  • Delivery Partners – you’ve got multiple aggregators, but you can’t manage menus, receive orders, and report on them all from one system.
  • Transaction touchpoints – you transact through POS, kiosks, online, mobile apps,  click & collect, QR ordering, payment apps, and delivery partners, and drive-thru – but you can’t get all those transactions all in one system and run reports.
  • Virtual brands – you’ve got multiple brands using Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo, but it’s difficult to get hold of and manage that data.
  • Menus - you can't manage prices, kJ/kCal, allergens, images, modifiers, and 3rd party ordering integrators in one place.
  • Data - you don't have access and own your granular sales, delivery, and production data for reporting, BI, and decision-making.
Mending the Fractured Hospitality Tech Stack
Mending the fractured tech stack
  • Redcat's platform - Learn how the solution that powers over 4,000 locations globally could transform your business
Building out your tech stack
  • Drone delivery - See how Redcat is working WING to revolutionise airbourne food delivery
  • Intelligent delivery - Hear how Redcat's Delivery Optimiser will combine your self-managed delivery with whitelabel delivery providers Uber Direct, DoorDash Drive, and Just Eat




21 June 2023, from 6pm
(Aussie BBQ & Drinks provided)


The Postal Museum
15-20 Phoenix Place
London | WC1X 0DA








Aussie themed BBQ
Prizes for best dressed
Aussie bbq


Postal Museum Train
Exclusive access to
Museum Train rides


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Exploring the Fractured Tech Stack!

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