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Redcat Hospitality POS integrates your key POS data into MYOB



Simplify your accounting! Key Redcat POS data is synchronised with MYOB from Redcat.

This works with MYOB AccountRight and MYOB Essentials.

Integration with MYOB is a breeze! Our integration eliminates the export & import of data – data is synchronised via seamless API integration, in the background.

You’ll be amazed how much time you save by having Redcat POS data automagically fed into the appropriate places within MYOB.


Request a consultation, or ring us on 1300 4 REDCAT, to explore how Redcat Polygon can help your business.

How Redcat + MYOB Work

The integration between Redcat Polygon and MYOB creates a mapping between the Chart Of Accounts in each program, including instruction on which GST types are relevant to each account.

This integration passes the information contained within sales reset from the POS to MYOB when the reset is processed in Polygon POS Management in the form of a Transaction Journal - for users running perpetual stock this will include the Asset | Cost journal relevant to stock decrementation.



These transaction journals may then be reviewed in MYOB.

Redcat Operations or Support staff will facilitate the setup of the correct modules and walk you through the process to authorise the authentication between Redcat Polygon and MYOB. 

This service is provided as part of your consultation/installation process.

Typical mapping of Redcat Polygon into MYOB




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