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Self-service Kiosk for Restaurants

Help bust those queues and improve operational efficiency

By providing customers with a convenient and intuitive interface, self-serving kiosks allow them to browse menus, customise orders, and make payments seamlessly, all at their own pace. This eliminates the need for traditional order-taking methods, reduces wait times, and empowers customers with control over their dining experience.  

With a self serving kiosk in your restaurant, you can streamline operations, increase order accuracy, and create a modern, tech-driven atmosphere that impresses your customers and boosts your bottom line. 

The perks of a Self Serving Kiosk for Restaurants

An Easy Fit Into Your Business

The Kiosk can be installed in store to supplement the EPOS Terminals. It is a self ordering unit which will allow customers to place and finalise an order.  

Flexible Configuration  

The Kiosk can configured to suit your location. Self-standing, Bench mounted, Wall hung or even Pole mounted, the Kiosk gives you the flexibility to fit your location.  

Simple Payment and Loyalty Program Access  

Accepted payment types are by debit or credit card, member loyalty points or member hybrid cash.  

Polygon Kiosk Components 

The physical unit for a Kiosk may differ from store to store, but it will be comprised of four (4) basic parts: 

  • A touch screen for choosing menu items, reviewing orders and finalising payment. 

  • A EPOS Printer for issuing customer receipts. 

  • A barcode scanner to enable customers to scan their loyalty membership details; and

  • A pinpad to facilitate payments.

  • A customised kiosk case is variable through our preferred partner. 

 At Redcat, we don't just sell kiosks – we provide solutions. Call us on 0808 189 3396 to discuss how our self serving kiosks for restaurants can revolutionise your operations. 

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