KMS: Kitchen Network

Information regarding all KMS devices on the network is available from the Kitchen Network button on the application toolbar.

The Active Roles listed will show for each KMS the DeviceID followed by the Role.

  • Device ID: To assist in determining on which computer a device is located.  The device ID is made up of [computer name]_[ID number (from shortcut)].
  • Role: The role currently assigned to the KMS device

When an active device is selected, you will also see:

Status: Displays the current status of each device. Status can be:
  • Online (Currently active and accepting orders)
  • Offline (KMS application is not running on the device)
  • Paused (Device has been manually logged as paused – no orders will be assigned.  To learn how to Pause a KMS device click here.)
  • Pass Through (Device has been manually programmed to pass orders to another device. To learn how to set a KMS to Pass Through, click here.)
  • Unresponsive (Logging indicates the device should be active but it is not responding to network polling.)
Current Load: Displays the current load for each device.


These articles provide further detail on buttons that reside within the Kitchen Network.
KMS: Pausing
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