KMS: Configuring Order Listboxes

Only users who have Polygon Paperless Kitchen - Application Wide Permissions | System Settings enabled in their POS Staff security role will be able to access these settings.  You can learn more about settings these permissions here

To customise your Order List Boxes.

  • Access the Settings button on the toolbar.
  • Enter your password.
  • Choose the Display Options menu, then apply programming as required in the Order Boxes section.

A preview is available to view output changes as they are made.  

Fonts: This allows the user to set the font size of the Items listed (body) and Header in each order.  Tick the B (bold) option to display in bold.  
Panel Items: Enable Display table numbers if you want the table number shown in the order header.  Then choose if you also want text saying "Table:"  If not, tick the Hide 'Table' label option.  Similarly, you may choose to Hide the "Sale ID" label.
Listbox header items: You can choose what extra information you want to display in the list box header:
  • None
  • Time load
  • PAX
  • Guest Name
Card Layout: Set the number of Columns and Rows in which you want the order list boxes displayed.
Restore Defaults: Click the Restore Defaults button to re-assign device fonts to system default values.




Article Change Log

Date Record of Changes Author

Dec 2022

Card Layout section has been added.  users have the ability to customise the order listbox grid to suit operational requirements.