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Top 10 tips to improve your email and SMS communications

Here are our 10 top tips that will help improve the quality of your
communications and build engagement with your audience.

The key element to getting your message through is to think of your digital
marketing as a conversation with your reader. This means elements like
personalisation, making content relevant to the individual reader and
showing your audience you know them.

Tip 1 - Select Email and SMS when you are creating your communications

You might not have both email and mobile details for all your contacts, so if you only select one channel you may be missing out on part of your audience. You can prioritise one over the other to ensure you only reach customers in
one channel.

Tip 2 - Use Pre-headers

Pre-headers get the attention of your recipient and it’s something few spam creators bother with. This makes it an ideal tool to show that you have a relationship with your reader and really are in a conversation with them. Keep
them short and sharp and relevant to your communication.

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